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Children’s Special

The Hotel Tritone in Senigallia is a real family hotel where children are special guests.

The rooms are particularly suitable for families, with cots, cot sides for single beds, baby baths, potties, changing tables, showers with rails and everything required to meet their needs. 

In the restaurant, children are catered for in full, from the comfortable high chairs to the colourful bibs and place mats, and they are able to eat at different times from adults and enjoy a personalised menu which we prepare with special care. They will always find fresh milk, vegetable stock, puréed fresh cooked vegetables, baby pasta in broth, rice and cereal custards, semolina, baby pasta with tomato sauce, puréed meat and fish, boned and filleted fish, baby chicken, turkey and veal steaks, dry-cured and boiled ham and soft cheeses, just as you would serve them in your own home. 

After meals, children can play in the outdoor playground in the hotel’s own garden or onto the beach, where they will find an environment ideal for their needs, with a clean, shallow sea, a beach of soft golden sand and games and activities for all ages, from the playground with slides, swings and play-houses to table-football, a ping-pong table and a beach-volleyball court for older children. Near the Tritone, a family hotel at Senigallia, there are also two playgrounds and a crazy golf course. 

For families in search of special attractions for their children, an hour’s drive away or less there are:

  • The Falconara Marittima Zoo
  • the Balì Museum at Saltara, Pesaro
  • the Le Pietre del Drago Dinosaur Park at Matelica
  • the Genga Caves, with the new caving routes even suitable for children.

Throughout the summer, there are plenty of events specifically for children.

The Hotel Tritone’s focus on the needs of families with children is also reflected in its prices:

  • Hotel Senigallia children free and discounts from 70% to 50% up to 13 yeas of age
  • Family plan: 2 adults + 2 children = charge for 3 full-rate guests
  • free use of bicycles with child seats
  • all-inclusive terms all summer with all the beach games included in the price.

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We are customers for the past four years. Every season it confirms and strengthens our appreciation towards the Paialunga family that runs the hotel. Hospitality, accuracy and precision are the characteristics that distinguish them. The cleanliness and service are great. Girls this year room staff were of a gentleness and extreme professionalism.
Marianiin4 13-09-2015 - 20:48
Great website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more.
Smithk199 29-04-2015 - 10:23
“Summer is ending and a(nother) year (spent at the Tritone) is drawing to its close.” Once again, this year we spent a week’s holiday with our family at the Hotel Tritone in Senigallia. After seven years of coming here without a break, we can really say we’ve chosen this excellent hotel as “our” home by the sea. Definitely so, because we feel at home every year, thanks above all to the family that’s been managing the hotel for so long (centuries, isn’t it, Maria Teresa?); they and their staff put you at your ease at once to ensure you have a great holiday. Don’t worry Silvia, I won’t forget to praise the spacious rooms, always clean, the excellent, varied cuisine (and in view of my size I’m quite a connoisseur) and the sumptuous breakfasts that awaits the guests every morning. And then the beach right outside the hotel, the bus passes provided free of charge by the management, the new bikes for clients’ use (but you have to pedal for yourself!). That’s enough; I feel as if I’m being sponsored by the Senigallia tourist board! But I’m not joking; it’s a great hotel and the people who run it are fantastic (we now look on them as friends); you can count on it for an ideal holiday. I advise you to try it, you won’t regret it.
FerraniaSV 25-03-2015 - 10:42
“I’ve seen the Madonnina” On holiday in Senigallia with our family this year as usual, we happened to book at the La Madonnina Country House, under the same ownership as the Hotel Tritone, our usual holiday location. What a pleasant discovery, a typical Marches region farmhouse, renovated as holiday accommodation, with just a few rooms tastefully furnished and with every amenity. But what really strikes you is the place, a green “sea” of spectacular natural surroundings with stunning views, especially in the morning and at sunset. It’s difficult to believe that this peaceful, tranquil place is just a few kilometres from the seafront (of the blue sea, of course). Try sitting under the large porch on the main front of the building and see if I’m not right. By the way, lunch and dinner are at the hotel in Senigallia, but I assure you that you’ll be happy to live on sandwiches just to stay in your chair on the porch. Stayed in August 2014, travelling with family
FerraniaSV 25-03-2015 - 10:42